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AlkaSense analyzerMeasuring total alkalinity online offers several advantages over periodic offline measurements, for example facilitating more consistent control of conditions in cooling towers to remain within the ideal range for the Langelier Saturation Index. It also ensures adequate alkalinity for coagulation during water treatment and maintains appropriate alkalinity levels in pool water.

Until recently, instruments for online total alkalinity measurement have been expensive and complex to operate and maintain. AlkaSense, through its innovative application of an online conductivity sensor for primary measurements, presents a more cost-effective and simpler maintenance solution.

In traditional setups, online total alkalinity analysers determine alkalinity by titrating a sample with an acid until it reaches a specific pH level. This method primarily relies on accurate pH measurements. However, maintaining pH sensors for precise readings involves frequent cleaning, calibration, and eventual replacement, which can lead to considerable operational costs and maintenance demands. The process underscores the challenges and expenses associated with pH-based online alkalinity analysers.

Conversely, the AlkaSense® technology from Pi shifts the focus away from pH measurements to conductivity for determining total alkalinity. This system works by titrating a sample with an acid (commonly PTSA – Paratoluenesulfonic Acid) until a noticeable change in conductivity occurs, indicating the complete neutralization of alkalinity in the sample. By accurately measuring the volume of acid used to reach this conductivity inflection point, AlkaSense® can reliably calculate the sample’s total alkalinity without the direct influence of the sample’s initial conductivity. This is a significant advantage because it negates the need for frequent sensor calibration – a substantial benefit since conductivity sensors, known for their durability and lack of consumable parts, do not require the same level of maintenance as pH sensors. Consequently, AlkaSense® presents a more reliable and potentially more cost-efficient solution for measuring total alkalinity in an array of applications.

Cost of Ownership

The AlkaSense® is designed to reduce the need for frequent maintenance, eliminating the requirement for sensor replacement, calibration, and manual cleaning due to its use of conductivity measurement and acid titration process. The ongoing costs associated primarily with the acid used and semi-annual maintenance contribute to a lower overall cost of ownership when compared to alternative alkalinity analysis technologies.

Key Benefits
  • No calibration required
  • Stable and reliable performance for consistent process control
  • Compatible with all types of potable and process water
  • Maintenance intervals of up to 6 months
  • Employs a straightforward, robust conductivity measurement technique (does not rely on pH)
  • Alkalinity measurement and control before and after coagulation in water treatment
  • Determination and regulation of the Langelier Saturation Index in cooling towers
  • Maintaining the water balance in swimming pools

The AlkaSense® is applicable in scenarios involving the need to measure or manage total alkalinity.

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