Particle Counters from Pi - ParticleSense, CounterSense and FilterSense

The Particle Counter range from Pi is the first in the world to be able to mount multiple particle counting sensors on a single controller. ParticleSense is a stand alone particle counter with the capability of counting and sizing particles in water from 2-127 microns. The CounterSense is a sophisticated online particle counter with the capability to size and count particles from 2-127 microns and to count from 2-750 microns. The FilterSense has the capability to size and count particles from 2-127 microns. Both the CounterSense and the FilterSense are connected to a CRIUS®4.0 or a CRONOS® which can also connect other sensors including more particle counters.

The range of sensors are available with different controllers giving you the same great performance with different communication, display, and control options.

With the Pi range of controllers, you get everything that you need – and nothing that you don’t, without sacrificing the quality of measurement. Each sensor comes with a ‘clean me’ alert and can be run with a constant head weir or a flow meter, to maintain a constant flow.

ParticleSense PortableBrochure560kB
Laboratory Based and Portable AnalyzersTechnical Note608kB

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