Instrument Controllers

Pi doesn’t believe in asking you to choose between many different instrument controllers but instead we have a scalable solution for both the simpler and the more complex measurement and control applications. The CRONOS® is a less capable version of the CRIUS®4.0 with less I/O and communications options. Contact us and we can help you to decide what you need for your application.


The CRONOS® is capable of controlling up to two sensors of any type with appropriate analogue outputs and relays.

Equipped with optional PID control, the CRONOS® is highly proficient at controlling complex water treatment processes, all at a much better cost compared to other controllers in the industry.


The CRIUS®4.0 can connect up to four sensors of any type with relevant analogue outputs and relays. Four sensors not enough? Simply connect up to 4 CRIUS®4.0 together (see below), all using the same display and communications.

Equipped with data-logging by default and multiple PID loops as options, the CRIUS®4.0 is quite capable of controlling complex water treatment processes at great value in relation to other similar controllers on the market.

Multi-Parameter Analyzers – CRONOS® and CRIUS®4.0

Multi-sensor, multi-channel, multi-parameter analyzers can significantly reduce the cost per point of any measure including pH, residual chlorine, ORP, ozone, chlorine dioxide, dissolved oxygen and turbidity measurements, all without sacrificing the quality of those measurements.

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